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Future=LIFE?! (Angol nyelvű)

Future=LIFE?! (Angol nyelvű)

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A Solution for Climate Change and World Peace

Did you know that mankind’s extinction is a realistic, scientifically proven future? The extinction of bees and the dramatic reduction of food production will threaten us in the near future and they are only the beginning; it’s high time to actively do something about it! But is there even a solution to the problem of climate change? The answer is YES! And you are holding it in your hands—the result of a search of almost 30 years to find the answers. In my book I introduce in everyday language a system, any of whose parts can be adapted to your life regardless of whether you would like to act against climate change as a private person, a parent concerned about their children’s future, a CEO, a lecturer or a politician. The book not only provides a solution to climate crisis, but can actually make your life better and can even set humankind’s social problems in the right direction. Read this book, and become an active participant in the human race’s common mission!

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