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Sri Chinmoy: Listen to Nature - (Angol nyelvű)

Sri Chinmoy: Listen to Nature - (Angol nyelvű)

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How to live in harmony with the Earth.

"Sri Chinmoy emphasizes the need for a deep spiritual connection with the natural world of which we are a part and on which we depend. ... Let us listen to the words of the spiritual master before it is too late." - Jane Goodall


- How can we live in harmony with nature?
- What can we do to preserve the health of the Earth?
- How does nature help to create peace and spiritual development?
- How can the environmental crisis be solved?
- Why are more and more natural disasters affecting humanity?
- What is the solution to avoid natural disasters?
- Will the Earth be destroyed? Will the world end?
- Can damage and destruction caused to nature be repaired?
- What is the relationship between God and nature?
- What does nature teach us?
- How can the world be transformed?
- How do we handle technological development correctly?
- What can humanity do for its own survival?
- Is the world moving forward?
- What is the proper relationship between science, nature and spirituality?
- How is evolution on earth progressing?
- What does the future of humanity look like?


The beauty of nature: The source of peace
Tears of Mother Earth: The Roots of the Environmental Crisis
Transforming the World: What We Can All Do
Science, Nature and Spirituality: The Search for the Cosmic Key
The philosophy of nature: The unity of creation
Afterword: The power of hope

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