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4. Deeper understanding of your life

4. Deeper understanding of your life

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Over weekend intensive course

This is the foundation course of the Life Method, which introduces you to the basic concepts of the entire system. The course introduces you to:

- soul vibration levels (Hawkins scale)

- body vibration levels

- vibrational levels of mind

- the relationship of vibration levels with your happiness, health and level of success

- body-soul-mind and consciousness relationship system and its importance for your life

- the functioning and types of the ego - defining your own ego

- the basic principles of the Life Method, which you can use well to improve your life

With the help of the course, you will see your life, human relationships and problems from a different point of view, and thus you will start on the path of change. Completion of the other Life Method courses requires the completion of this foundation course or the careful reading of the book "Life Method I. - The Book of Understanding Your Life".


Weekend intensive basic course

1 - 2 days (intensive weekend)

Minimum number of participants for the course:

It starts with groups of 10 - 20 people.


There are no prerequisites for the foundation course, anyone from the age of 16 can apply.

Participation fee:

The course is free! The law of karma states that as much value as you receive, you must return it if you do not want to become energetically indebted to another person. So you only need to pay at the end of the course and as much as the service is worth to you. When applying for the course, you need to pay a booking fee of HUF 25,000 so that we can see that you are serious about it.
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