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The Book of Understanding Your Life (Hungarian)

The Book of Understanding Your Life (Hungarian)

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A guide to raising your spiritual vibration

This volume was written completely selflessly for all age groups (over 16). Spiritually, I came from a very deep place, but since I live a happy, successful, healthy and balanced life, my most important goal is to help others find this wonderful state. During my 21 years of self-development and helping others, I developed a system that I named the É.LET method. LIFE, formed from the abbreviation of the words Life Supporter, Soul, Mind, Body, is what I now live in deep respect for. LIFE in capital letters is happiness itself, but life in small letters is something else, which unfortunately characterizes most of us in our distorted society. You also came to the planet called Earth to live your capital LIFE! The É.LET method is a system developed in an enjoyable tone, illustrated with personal examples, with the help of which you too can achieve this. For this, I will give you two important ground rules:

  1. If your spiritual vibration level rises, so does your happiness.
  2. In order to develop, you need to take care of your soul, body and mind!

In order to achieve success, I also present 21 practical methods in the book, so I give you not only the whys, but also the hows.

I look forward to this wonderful adventure on the way to your happier LIFE!

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