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Future=LIFE?! (Hungarian)

Future=LIFE?! (Hungarian)

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A solution to climate change, or 6 programs of change

Did you know that population extinction is a scientifically proven, realistic future? The extinction of bees and the drastic decline in food production threaten us in the near future, and this is just the beginning... It's time to take active action against them!
But is there a solution to the problem of climate change? The answer is: YES! You're holding it right here in your hand! I came to the correct answers in almost 30 years. In my book in everyday language, I present a system, any element of which you can easily implement in your life, regardless of whether you want to actively fight against climate change as an individual, as a parent concerned about the future of your children, as a company manager, as an educator or as a politician. The book not only provides a solution to the climate crisis, but also makes your life better, and even sets humanity's social problems in the right direction.

Read the book and become an active part of society's common mission!

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